I just came back from Germany. My plan was just to watch the football match between Japan and Mexico (we lost... what a game!) in Hanover; but as the Netherlands Railways was on strike and I could not come back, I extended my trip and visited Berlin.

In Berlin, I visited a private collection in Germany called Sammlung Hoffmann (Hoffmann Collection; reservation necessary; open only on Saturdays).
It was a collection of high-quality, with lots of refined works, a beautiful space... but I did not like it so much. There was a certain element in that collection that demands you to behave in a certain way - 'a good manner.' I could not say 'I enjoyed it' but instead I felt 'maybe... contemporary art is not so exciting.' I felt rather uncomfortable.
Plus, all the staffs were wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, which was, for me, a 'formal' wear pretending to be casual. I just could not feel comfortable with their 'good taste.'

Another one I visited was Frick Collection, an exhibition from the famous American contemporary art collection, in Hamburger Bahnhof-Museum.
This one was crazy, and was a first-rate exhibition. How much collection do they have? - it was enormous. I heard that they change the exhibition quite often. I just can't imagine how many works they own. This kind of exhibition has to be seen in museums. I really enjoyed.
I saw their exhibition catalogue - looks like worth 4-5 kg - which costs €98 (so expensive!).
I was interested in buying it... but I could not do more than look around the exhibition.
Quite a few people were buying the catalogue... such a heavy and expensive thing!



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