Risk Management

Today, when I was talking to one of the advisors, I suddenly heard the blast of siren: OOOOOOOOOOO...OOOOOOOO....OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
What is this? But I soon remembered that it was just a fire drill (we had received a notice by email beforehand) and we kept talking not bothering to attempt an escape.
But when I looked out of the window, I realized that people were going outside, although rather unwillingly (at this point about 10 minutes passed since the first siren). As we could not really talk as the siren was really loud, we decided to join the others: 'Shall we go?' 'Yup.'
Outside the building, the artists were chatting to each other here and there. One of the technicians started to check whether everyone was there - but we don't even know how many were at Rijks before the fire drill (25 minutes passed). One of the artists went back to his studio to get his cigarette (40 minutes passed).


I knew that the Netherlands is rather a relaxed place... but if anything happens... I am afraid that we'll all perish.


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