Some Like It 'More than Enough'

I borrowed the DVD Good Bye Lenin! (my third time) from the library at Rjiks on Friday. I thought about watching it yesterday (Sunday) and opened the case, where I found Good Bye Lenin! and another DVD, El bueno, el malo y el feo starring Clint Eastwood. Young Eastwood with a cowboy hat is printed on DVD. Ah, someone might have returned it together by mistake... I started to watch it, although both the sound and the subtitles are only in Italian and Spanish (so I don't understand what they are saying at all).
I don't know much about Spaghetti Western; but even I have heard the theme song. This must be a really famous one... I was gradually drawn to the story - it was far more complicated and exciting plot than I expected. My heart raced with excitement at the final scene of the three-way struggle...! What I learned from this film was the filmmaker's persistency? importunity? to excite the audience again and again, episode after episode. I experienced the same excitement when I watched Terminator II and The Man who Stole the Sun - kind of 'well done, well done, it was more than enough...!'
The English title of this film was The Good, The Bad and The Ugly ... The good, the bad and the ugly, the good, the bad and the ugly, the good... (did you get the sense of 'more than enough'?)

Not to mention, Good Bye Lenin! was fabulous (spoken in German, with French or Dutch subtitles... hey, how can I understand it!? But it's OK. This is my third time). Again, the final scene with Alex made me cry... if you have not seen it yet, it is a must!



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