Super Quick!!!

I did not write much during the week... try to catch up a bit today.

There are six hens in Rijks. They are running around the lot freely.
Yesterday, I found that there are baby chicks around too - probably 1-2 months old.
I was watching them 'bob and weave' around the mother - how tiny and sweet they are! But when Dick threw some small pieces of bread for them, I saw one of them - the one playing a little away from the rest under the tree - rush to the bread in an incredible super speed.
Because it was such an incredible speed, and its movement was unexpectedly funny, I crackled with laughter.
I remember the scene in which zombie runs in super speed in the film Battalion (I think) also made me laugh.

But I cannot make fun of those who are running in a full speed. Especially when I am travelling, I often ended up having not enough time to get to the destination on time. I've found myself running (not because I wanted to) in many cities around the world: Not to mention Amsterdam, but also along the Seine, in Charles de Gaulle International Airport, in Munich, Kyoto, London and even a few weeks ago, in Berlin. I guess a person running in a full speed in a city of Europe is a kind of rare sight...

Another rushing episode this morning - Wenda's boyfriend was looking out of the window, probably enjoying the view. But as soon as he heard the sound of the shower from the bathroom, he dashed to the bathroom in super speed - he probably just wanted to take a shower with her.
He just ran to it without hesitation - his action made me laugh - but also I thought it was kind of nice.



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