The Interview

The interviews started yesterday. The advisors and the facilitators are running around, looking very busy.

This interview is for the selection of the next year's resident artists. An applicant will do a presentation of his or her works twice, first in front of about ten advisors who are artists themselves, and then in front of about another ten advisors who are critics and theorists. Each session takes about an hour.

One girl (maybe Korean) suddenly burst out crying - probably she was very nervous at the interview, and suddenly the ice melted; or she was terrified by the thought of the next interview.
I remembered my interview last year. I could hardly speak English. While I was waiting, I asked 'where is the toilet?' and was told 'just around the corner, on your right,' but I could not even understand that. I kept walking to the wrong directions, looking around - this suspicious behaviour even made the person laugh. As I knew I would not be able to talk much, I said to myself 'let's hope my paintings will speak to them.' In fact I rather enjoyed the interview, and luckily, it turned out to be all right.

The girl who was crying said 'I'll go home. Thank you,' and left.
I don't know why... but I have a feeling that she will pass.

The interview will continue throughout the week. I look forward to meeting new residents!


A Korean (probably) girl, burst out crying.


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