The Problem of Being Too Earnest

A day of the installation for the coming group show.
After discussing which work will go where with everyone, a few remained to put the paintings up on the wall. As this is a bit of work, I decided to stay and give a hand. But as I am shorter than others, and do not speak sufficient English, I found myself being rather useless.

In spite of a few problems and changes of plans, most of the paintings were put on the wall. When Maurice was going to finish putting the title 'Seven Young Painters' and the names of the artists on the wall with the instant lettering, it would be ready.
As this lettering thing looked easy enough for me to do, I offered him help and started the job feeling happy.
But when I took the sheet off... the paint of the wall came off too, and there was a big hole! I am afraid that my over enthusiasm lend me too much power...

If there is any solace... I was working on the artists' names, not the title, which Maurice completed without any problem. (Maurice was so kind that he kept telling me 'You know, this crumbly wall is no good!')

I cannot forget the expression on Raj's face (who was playing at flying paper planes) when I told him what I've done.... Boo-hoo-hoo....



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