The Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale opened last week.
It seems that most people who are related to art are there - as the art spots (?) in Amsterdam look rather deserted.
I heard that most of the people there - the gallerists and the collectors - will then proceed to the Basel Art Fair (in fact, Raj and Maurice are one of them).
A few people from Rijks went there for a visit. They said that the Pavilion of Afghanistan was very interesting.
One of the artists at Rijks, Jewyo Rhii-chan from Korea, is actually one of the artists chosen for the Pavilion of Korea.
She was also one of the artists in the exhibition called 'Under Construction' in Tokyo Opera City in 2002. Maybe some of you know her already?
She does not like spicy food so much, but loves Japanese food. A small, charming person.

I don't have time to visit the Venice Biennale this month - as I have quite a few preparations to do for the coming events... but planning to visit it next month with Iwan and his friends. We probably camp as we cannot afford so much.



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