A Dishwasher

In LA, six of us (including Iwan and me; two Dutch, a Hungarian and three Japanese) were staying at Steve's house. One of us, Jesse, is interested in Japanese language; he picked up some Japanese phrases from our conversation, for example, 'Nanka tabeta? (Have you eaten?),' 'Mo juji dayo (It's ten already).' He often asked me 'How do you say that in Japanese?' when we are working together.
Among the Japanese words he knew, his favourite word was 'Shokki-arai-ki (Dishwasher).' Funny.
One night, before going to bed, he suddenly said to us 'Shokki-arai-ki, good night!' and surprised us.
He also called washing machine 'Shokki-arai-ki,' so I told him that it is only for a dishwasher, and a washing machine is called 'Sentaku-ki'; but he said 'Sentaku-ki' was difficult to pronounce.



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