BBQ at Los Angeles

In LA, we often had BBQ – people get together after the work and have BBQ at someone’s house. In Japan, BBQ is a kind of big outdoor event, but for the people in LA, it is like ‘Nabe’ in Japan – a meal for many people, easy to prepare, and it is fun. There is even a BBQ ‘bugyo’ (master).
There are lots of kinds of BBQ products – about 30 different kinds of BBQ sauce, or something like a light-off material which will put a smoke-chip smell to the food – surely convenient, but I did not appreciate them very much as they have a very strong chemical smell.
There is always a huge chunk of mince meat (500g or so for one person?!) and they grill it with some onions and BBQ sauce. Then they put this between the buns, together with some pickles and parsley – tiny tiny bit, like in a cheap restaurant. The meat has a chemical smell – both from the sauce and the light-off material.
I am sorry but... this was not at all good. Too much oil and chemical smell! Too salty! How can they eat this? Nooooooo. I missed the simple taste of Japanese food.
It is impossible to make such a horrible BBQ in Japan. I don’t think they can get that bad taste even if they try. In a way, it was an ‘ethnic’ food. The photos are from the BBQ party I had in Japan. Tokoyaki (octopus balls) was very good.


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