Climbing Mt. Fuji

I’d like to resume my residence diary as soon as possible... but I am still in Japan.
Yesterday, I went on a climb to Mt. Fuji.
Most people said that climbing is not possible because of the typhoon no. 11 and rain. Indeed, while I was staying in the lodge in the seventh station, it was pouring so hard; I met quite a number of people who were climbing in the rain, and they said ‘Ummm, it will be very difficult from here to the top.’ Fortunately, however, we made it to the top, and while we were climbing, the sun was always out, as though it was one of our companies.
Actually I was not very well since I arrived in Japan; running nose, cough, headache plus cramps... My condition was the worst I could think of (as you know, climbing Mt. Fuji is not an easy job even for healthy people because the air is thin – it is even harder if you are suffering from respiratory affections) but anyway I tried, and I made it to the top. The fact that I could do something like climbing Mt. Fuji even when I am not very well gave me confidence – although if you could prevent it, maybe you should not climb. Sleeping for 12 hours on a mountain lodge must have been good – it is generally acknowledged that taking a decent sleep is impossible in the mountain lodge, because of the high altitude.
The scenery of the volcanic mountain was something new to me – I felt as though I was walking on a different planet. Many people climb during the night in order to worship the rising sun at the top, but I do recommend both climbing up and down during the day because the view and the scenery is superb. But you do need a sun screen, which I forgot. My face is all very swollen now...


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