I went to LA for two exhibitions.
One was a group show called 'Fast Forward' in House of CAMPARI.


The other was an exhibition called 'Gallery Exchange,' which was a project between China Art Objects Gallery in LA and Bowie van valen in Amsterdam to swap their galleries during August. It was a perfect plan; Steve, the gallerist at China Art, wanted to have an exhibition in Amsterdam; and Raj and Maurice could prepare for the opening of Bowie van valen gallery in LA in autumn.
China Art presented the works of Andy Alexander, Kim Fisher, Mason Cooley, David Korty, JP Munro, Jon Pylypchuk, Eric Wesley, Pae White, TJ Wilcox, Dave Deany, Sean Landers, Ruby Neri in Amsterdam - they are all popular artists (wow!).
Bowie van valen presented the works of mine and Iwan in a two-person show.


The gallerists even swapped their houses, so we all stayed at Steve's house. We had BBQ, went to beach, visited the desert... it was fun.
LA was big, always sunny, and dry even when the temperature is high. It was an unusual scenery: lots of cars and freeways, tall buildings together with palm trees and hills. There is even a desert nearby.
Iwan was shocked by the number of cars in the city (n.1) and saying it is inconvenient that they cannot go anywhere unless they own a car (very Dutch, I think). I understand his point but my impression of LA was different: LA appeared to me as a beautiful city with a touch of melancholy.

Note 1: LA is known for its enormous amount of exhaust gas. On the top of the mountain, you can see a layer of exhaust gas over the city area, like a white cloud. This creates a stunning sunset.


Images (from the top): Raj, showing us a triple axel on the street
Jesse, watering the garden
Joshua Tree National Park


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