Two Hours and a Half

After visiting LA, I flew to Japan to take a short holiday.
There is no official holiday period at Rijks; but as each technician or advisor takes his or her holiday during the summer, it becomes like a holiday period.

Last week, I went to Kanazawa and Osaka.
In Kanazawa, I went to an exhibition called 'Drawing Restraint' by Matthew Barney in 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. In Osaka, I saw Alegria 2.

As for 'Drawing Restraint,' some of the things in the exhibitions - installations, videos and photos - were quite interesting, but the film of the same name showed in the basement theatre was very long (2 hours 30 minutes) and boring - as if he tries to make it a real 'restraint'.... I went to the bathroom twice during the film.
The things happen in the film - whether it is big or small - did not impress me at all. The larger scale it became, the less impressive it appeared. I thought it was enough to see the exhibition upstairs.

Alegria 2 also runs for 2 hours 30 minutes... but this was marvellous. It was such a short 2 hours 30 minutes, which impressed me very very much. They are real entertainers. I really enjoyed it.

If I am going to spend the same 2 hours 30 minutes... I prefer to see Alegria 2... or Star Wars - Episode 3. This was fun and the Japanese subtitle was excellent!


The image of C-3PO and the Jupiter.


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