Today, I would like to introduce the works of Meiro Koizumi, another Japanese resident artist at Rijks. He is a video artist, but also interested in painting. He is a nice person, funny and unique; He is a big fun of Chuni’chi Dragons (a baseball team in Japan); He loves fish (he makes shime-saba, a marinated mackerel); for a few summers, he worked in one of the mountain lodges on Mt. Fuji the eighth station. He is a person of many interests and different experiences. A valuable asset to the art world. I guess he is a kind of person who chose Sega instead of PS as a kid.
There was an opening of his exhibition in one of the galleries in Amsterdam. They are showing his video work ‘Art of Awakening,’ which he presented at OA. His work is something I have never seen before or never seen anywhere else; strange and very funny. It is ‘the Meiro’s World.’

16. Meiro Koizumi
A vide still from ‘Art of Awakening.’

A person who prefers SEGA to PS (Play Station) or who chooses SEGA unintentionally. A bit peculiar, but will not grow up to be an Otaku (mania).


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