The First Cat of the Year (Hatsu-Neko)

I finished a show for myself at the Project room, but while I was trying to clear the room, I realized that I would like to try out a few more things. So I asked and they said that I could keep the room a bit longer; so I am still using the Project room, trying this and that; this is a real luxury.

Today, I saw a brindled cat from the window of the Project room . She was in the courtyard of Rijks. She was obviously a house cat, clean and elegant, and su----per pretty. It was my first time to encounter a cat within Rijks (there were lots of chickens though... and they are increasing in number...); I was very excited. I tried to go outside and approach her a bit more – but she looked ready to run away, so I gave up. I hope she will be around again, and we’ll be friends.


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