An ‘Attempt’ at Brokeback Mountain

I went to see Maurice (he used to be a gallerist). It’s been a while since I saw him last. He was fine. He said since he had quit his job as a gallerist, his life became healthier. He drinks less and has lost seven kilos. His new job sounds like a quite busy one, though.
He very strongly recommended me the film Brokeback Mountain. According to him, it is set in America in the 1960s, in the vast wilderness in Wyoming, and it is about a gay cowboy couple. So I went to see it, expecting something like American Yaji-Kita (a comic by Shiriagari Kotobuki).

B-U-T, I hardly understood what they are saying because of their thick Wyoming accent (the subtitle was in Dutch). All I understood by just following the images was that it is a sad love story more like Romeo and Juliet than Yaji-Kita, about the emotional struggle against the traditional way of thinking.

The images of the last scenes were strong enough for me to understand the sadness of their love story. But later, when I was talking to Maurice, I found out that I missed quite a few important details. ‘I see... I didn’t know that...!’ So, my ‘Brokeback Mountain’ was not quite the true Brokeback Mountain... but anyway, I heard that it will be on in Japan soon. Please check it out. (If it is on TV, can someone please record it for me? And ‘Byakuya-ko,’ the TV drama too, please?)


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