Rijksakademie Band

Hello again! It’s been a while since the last entry.
It’s very hot in Europe now.

I had a photo shoot of the works I put in an extra studio.
After the shoot, I had a coffee with the camera man. We were talking about a music band.

When I told him that some of the people here were planning to form ‘Rijksakademie Band’ (although no progress since Sascia quit her secretary job here), he said ‘You know, there are less bands starting in a music school; most of the time, bands start in an art school.’
Hum... interesting.... Yes, there is a kind of music which starts from such a motivation (note 1).

Note 1: A kind of music which starts from a simple desire to make some noises. For those people, those noises are aspects of music – music in a minimal sense.
These days, there are some music schools for such purpose. But I wonder... how do they ‘teach’ to do something like that?


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