A Dialogue

I’ve borrowed Yasujiro Ozu DVD set from the library.
This is my fourth time.
The collection of DVD at Rijks is surprisingly small as an art institution, but as I am too lazy to visit the rental DVD shop, and also as it is too expensive (€3.7=¥530 for a night, €4.5=¥650 for a new work), I ended up borrowing the same DVD from the library.

What I like about Ozu’s film is the dialogue.
A dialogue neither to dramatize the scene nor to carry out the plot... but it is the dialogue – never extraordinary exchange of words – between members of family, between neighbours, between friends that carry out the film. The dialogue makes the rhythm of Ozu’s film – a very pleasing rhythm – something like... a cat touches a person very lightly with its tail in passing.

I also like the scenes where young Setsuko Hara larks around with her friends – kind of innocently and playfully.

By the way, I like watching baseball games, but I also like playing catch.

A sequel to the story:
I passed this Ozu DVD set to Gal, and started to watch an Indian film Mahabharat (also from the library, 5 DVDs – 15 hours), which (it says) is an epic about a king of India and his royal family.
It was more like watching my favourite lunchtime drama... than watching an epic.


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