At Last

The other day, I received an email from my friend – ‘Kawachi-san, you can watch Byakuyako on You-tube’ – an invitation from a devil.
Once I know that for sure, I’ll end up watching it day and night....
I pretended that I do not know such a thing during the day. After sunset, I sat in front of my PC and searched... here it is Byakuyako. Oh my God.

‘There was no sun above us.
Always night, but it was not dark’ – !!??

‘We could live believing it is a day.
It was not bright,
But light enough to make our way’ – !!??

Oooooooh !! This is more than enough to attract the audience!! This is amazing from the very beginning.

It is sensational, but not quite sharp or shocking. It is more like... it leaves a sense of agony, palpable and sustained. It is superb. The first episode is particularly good.

Fortunately, there were only first four episodes on You-tube. I didn’t have to stay up till dawn.

The way this drama draws the audience to its world – the sense that I too am violating taboos – is real (although I am not saying the story is realistic). I think the presence of Tetsuya Takeda and Kaoru Yachigusa has a lot to do with the reality of this drama. This is something that Shinji Nojima cannot do. Umm... very interesting.

I felt as though I went home for bon-holidays. I’ll watch them all when I get back to Japan.

Today’s Haiku
With a cup of Bancha
I watch Byakuyako
Holding my knees


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