Coming Up – English Version

There will be an English version of this diary. It is in progress now.

The idea came up when I was talking to Ansuya, one of the advisors, at the beginning of this year.
At that time, I was trying to reconsider the process of how I make paintings – how I get the idea for my work, and how I put a title to my painting etc. Also, there were more and more works of mine that I found hard to work out. Seeing me (rather stubbornly) call some of the three dimensional works ‘drawings,’ it seems that Ansuya guessed that the problem of the language has something to do with my confusion. She said, ‘Tomoko, why don’t you try to write something... a small text in Japanese?’

I wasn’t quite sure if this diary is what Ansuya means as a text but I said, ‘I’ve been writing a text... though it is a text for my weblog, with some drawings (real drawings in this case).’ ‘That’s very nice! Why don’t you hire a translator and translate it?’

Working with a translator -- it’s an interesting idea but... to be honest, I have not thought much about non-Japanese readers (they can always enjoy the drawings and can probably pick-up some English words). Again, I did not do anything. When I saw her in May, this time, she said ‘Why don’t you ask Yuka?’

Yuka-chan is a friend of mine, a wife of Koizumi Meiro-kun who is at Rijks now. She is working on a research on English literature. Once we found out that my favourite book was also her favourite, so I thought ‘Probably it is fun to work with Yuka-chan.’ I talked about this project with her and we decided to go for it. Rijks supported this project by providing some budget.
With the help of Takagi Hideaki-kun from Art Trace (he made a new webpage for the diary), the project began in June.

And now... it is already August.
Today, I read the English version for the first time. The first thing that I came up to my mind was... ‘Oh no...! Who’s this person speaking in English??!!’

But as I read through I am getting used to this person called ‘Tomoko’ who is speaking (writing) in English.

Now I am looking forward to the day this diary is available in English.

My writings are rather simple... so it may also be interesting to Japanese readers who want to learn some English.

Today’s Haiku
The telephone cord
It’s too long
-- and a year has passed


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