Printing is Done!

Today, finally, we finished the printing job for the drawing books (note 1) in Utrecht. What a great sense of achievement...! I don’t have to work like a factory girl any more.
I was still working on the drawing this morning (the last day of printing) before leaving for Utrecht... I managed to finish it, and now it is done. This sense of achievement is something I haven’t experienced since I worked on the opening of Trace Gallery. When we finished, we bought some cakes and had a celebration.

In two weeks time, we’ll start the next process – folding these papers for binding. It will take forever... but... never mind!

Note 1: Since April, I’ve been working on the project of making a drawing book which Iwan started. We started the printing job last month, three times a week in the print workshop called GAU in Utrecht.
There are 96 pages in a book, and there will be 200 editions (lots!), hand silk. 9 artists are participating in this project – artists as well as those who are not artists (friends of Iwan).
As I don’t usually work on drawing – according to Iwan, a work about lines -- it was hard for me to make some drawings for a book.
I was also confused by the way the drawings inevitably change through the process of printing and binding; but it was a good opportunity – I think I learned to think both about what I am seeing and what I am not yet seeing. It was also interesting to see drawings by other people go through the same process of changes. But I wonder... will anybody buy this?
It seems that Iwan sees this book as an ‘art work’ (a print work) but I see this more as a project. But... after all, both of us are working towards the same goal, simply to see what we want to see.

Today’s Haiku
‘I want to kill you!!’ -- it was yesterday
Now we watch
Trains together


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