This is Sunday

This is Sunday. Nobody is at Rijks today. It’s raining.
For about two weeks, it has been raining and cold – it’s about 16 degrees though. I am wearing my coat and scarf. The heat of the last month feels like something happened a year ago....

I was thinking nobody would be here today, but after a while Gal came and we had some tea together. We talked about this and that but nothing in particular – the progress of our works etc.

We often had tea together in my studio during the war in Israel which ended last month. As I wrote before, Gal is from Israel.
She said ‘I’m anxious. I can’t settle to work. I’ve been calling my family a lot.’
I didn’t know what I could say to her. All I could do is to offer her some sweets (‘Yokan’ – soft Adzuki-bean jelly – which my friend sent to me). We looked at the package (as it is beautiful), and talked about our family and friends in our home countries. As I listened to what she said about her family, I realised that since she was born, a war has been a part of her daily life.
After a while, Gal said ‘I feel a bit more relaxed now’ and she went back to her studio.
After she left, I wrote email to my friend to thank for Yokan.


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