1st. NOV. 2009

I was writing long e-mail everyday in this week to Marijn.
My friend, Marijn van Kreij A.K.A. one of the nicest Dutch artist, sent me e-mail with some questions about my show. Actually it was 5 questions and i think it is quite a lot, but of course it was very nice to answer one-by-one everyday with my poor english.
This writing became quite helpful to sort out what's happen to me and what i did in my show.
All the questions are quite simple, sharp, and difficult. So it is quite Mrijn i think.

You can enjoy this long-interview(for me) here;

Mostly this weblog written by Dutch but you can still enjoy unique photos about art. Plus, you can also find Meiro Koizumi's article!

And, I will introduce another my favorite site by Dutch artist here;

This site made by Inge Beeftink, Jouke Mellema (and sometimes Andre helps).
I cannot read texts but I still really like to see this site.

Both site looks not too much analyze, they find and choose things what they like.
Maybe that's why I can enjoy deeply with theirs website.

Plus, these website reminds me about when I was a kid, I used to make wall newspaper as my pleasure. I made one-by-one and I put the newspaper on the back of my class room just for my pleasure. It had been continued around a year.
The first couse was I really liked the Studio GHIBLI animation,"Nausicaa of the valley of the wind" at the moment. so the newspaper's title was ''the valley of the wind times"(haha!!).
I remember that the each articles were not about the GHIBLI animation, anything useful contents neither. I just liked to make the wall newspaper.

Maybe this background also one of the reason to love theirs website.


like a face washing!


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