Bananas, Grapes and..

12th May, 2010

This is a small thing..
I have told GoEun a wrong answer and it hasn't corrected yet.

One day, when she pass by my room, she found some Soseki Natsume's books on my shelf.
"Sanshiro","the Mind","And then","I am a Cat" and "light and darkness".
All books are old and written by Japanese. I surprised because she'd choosen them quickly from my messy shelf (She's Korean).

She told me that she's interested in Soseki and she's reading "The Gate" in Korean at the moment.

I'd started to get excited, and I talked to her about a Japanese female author, Minae Mizumura.
She wrote her first novel as a sequel of "light and darkness"
which is Soseki's post humous works and unfinished work. Minae Mizumura continued the story from a female side of a couple.

Go Eun was interested in that, and then asked me,

G: "What's the meaning of SOSEKI exactly?"

T: "I don't's his pen-name. I have just known that it came from an old Chinese poet."

G: "Hm-hum, what's his real name?"

Incorrectly I remembered his grand-son's name,"Fusa-no-Suke", instead of Soseki's.
Fusa-no-Suke works as a columnist about Manga in Japan.

T: "Well...Fusa-no-Suke?"

G: "What's the meaning of Fusa-no-Suke?"

T: "How I say...'Fusa' means, like, shape of Bananas and Grapes. Many fruits on a stalk.
We count 'One-Fusa', 'Two-Fusa' with this situation..."

G: "Ahhhh, OK! We say △×◎ in Korea!"

T: "(was a bit surprised because I could not imagine how she gets clear with this explanation) Ah, OK? Then, 'no-Suke' means meaning nothing, just something for boys name."

G: "Hm-hum"

After she'd backed to her own room, suddenly I could remember that Soseki's real name was 'Kin-no-Suke'.
But I wasn't in a mood to knock her door and tell her such a small correction.
It's a small isn't it?

So, Soseki's real name and its meaning haven't been corrected yet.
I should have told her that means "Gold". Not bananas and grapes and so on...



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