It's broken...

9th May, 2010

My printer has been broken.
I've got this printer from Brody, a former residency artist of Rijksakademie, about 4 years ago because he back to States. This printer can print A3 paper, for professional, but the ink was empty when he gave it to me.

It was not easy to find refilling ink for this printer, a made-in-US printer, in Amsterdam 4 years ago.
I researched by internet first but i didn't find it. Then I visited computer shops/ ink shops/ electric appliance stores in Holland when I have any chance, but I didn't find it.
Finally when I found one (it was in Amsterdam in the end), the refilling ink's price was 70 euro.

I really considered about should I buy 70euro refilling ink or should I through away the printer. Then I decided to buy the 70euro ink. Why not? I found it after all my hard work!
Now I remembered an old Japanese quote, 'There are nothing more expensive than free.'

Today, this ink is marketed everywhere in desk equipment stores or stationery stores in Amsterdam. Around 20 euro.
But my printer doesn't work anymore....

Well, Thank you for working till today.
What a pity that I didn't print out anything important with you, but thank you.
Now I start to worry about how to disposal you in Amsterdam...



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