World Football Matchs!!

14th June, 2010

wooooooooooooow!! The world football matches is going on!!

We have no TV in our house but we have open-air TV for the World football matches (There are 2 TVs and about 30 chairs in a tent.) in our neighbor, so we can watch the matches there!

Anyway, we have an important match today vs, Cameroon..

I think Japan national team will win!

Ah, Dutch national team also will play well today I think!



These photos were took in Japan a week before last week, at my home in Chiba.

She's taking sunbath and was served Mango by mom.
She ward a fleece jacket because when you wear fleece jacket under the sun, it makes you feel like you're taking a sand-bath. It feels so good, I recommend it!


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