Mr. Gotoh's story

23rd of March, 2011

I am watching Mr. Gotoh's lecture everyday.
The reason is, after the quake, after the Fukushima Nuke accident, I was watching NHK internet broadcast everyday, actually I was glued to the tube, but i didn't feel understanding anything about this accident. Feels weird.

At the begining, I thought there are many unexplained matter about this accident but it's not only the reason i felt weird.

Then I started to watch Mr. Gotoh's lecture in Ustream.
His view of point is, you cannot understand about the nuclear accident without understand it technically. He explains about what happened, and what's the problem, based on the nuclear plant design and the containment vessels design.

And one more thing that i like about his lecture is,
He had worked as a technician of TOSHIBA nuclear department for long time, and he felt uncomfortable to work there with his all working period.
He wanted to make the Containment Vessels as strong as possible with his technician's good but its standard was not as he wanted. He says, actually there was no technical standard for such as a severe accident like Fukushima so far.
He had had his difficult time for long time about this double-standard, and now he is explaining what is the Containment Vessels of Fukushima before he says about nuke Yes or No.

Maybe that is why his words reach to me, such a broadcast watcher about Fukushima.

Japanese tried to be good shoppers but they didn't know how to shop theirs own energy.


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