Naive Set and Marijn van Kreij

30 Nov. 2013
I saw a nice performance today at Gallery Paul Andriesse. The performance was organized by Marijn van Kreij.  

This performance entitled that;
'Welcome back! Thoughts are performance'

The idea of the  Performance is, Marijn invite a charming Amsterdam band 'Naive Set' to play their music in the gallery, in front of his 'riff-series' works.
Naive Set plays riff of 'If not for you'(Bob Dylan + George Hurrison) endlessly as an answer of Marijn's riff series works, before they play their own number. 
That was nice idea!

(the cover art is Marijn's riff work)

I have seen before Marijn invited an another charming Dutch band to his exhibition as a special guest. At that time he had put sprinkles (thousands and hundreds) on a floor to make a place for the band. 
This time i saw some taped cardboard on the floor. I enjoyed to make this part as drawing.



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