April 2016アーカイブ



I was talking with (mainly listening to) friends who I saw at Rijksakademie Open 2015 after Nickel van Duijvenboden's drumming performance. Friends were all artists but at the moment they were talking about teaching, their part-time job at an art school.

I was carefully listening to them because I like artists. I am so interested in what they talk to.
Someone could say that artist's conversation are not precise. That's right. Also misunderstanding often. Even though the words works as itself. Sometimes artists can receive "the words" from the other artists without any contexts. And then you must think about "the words" that you received, for long time after that. At least I do like that.
I wrote a drawing about the moment of the talking on the pictures of animal caretakers. Then I found that maybe "the words" that I said, is something about friendship.

postscript- Later I found that the place that we met was 'Manage'. 'Manage' is a studio building that formerly used as Dutch Army's horse stable. I think this special location could also be the inspiration of the drawing.


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