Tatami mat, ceiling and cutting carrot

One day I had a short nap after my routine housekeeping. I laid on Tatami mat directly without Futon, closed my eyes and fell asleep approximately 10-15min. When I awoke I overlapped with my past memory that when I was a teenager, who has started for making art, and awoke from a short nap on Tatami mat as same as right now. With weird feeling I stayed on Tatami mat and felt past and present at the same time.

Sometime later I sat on Tatami mat again in the same room. I was blankly gazing a copy of movie flyer on the small desk in front of me. I don't know how his flyer came, maybe my son Sosuke took it some day and left it there. Then I found a word 'Future' in the title of the movie.
I read the flyer carefully but there was no extra information except the movie is about future.
Nevertheless, I would have future for myself, too. It had reality. Maybe because of Tatami. Some days ago I felt past and present at the same time on Tatami. Tatami connected me also to future
as if I was on a time travel machine, even though the 'future' I saw was just a word.

Some days later I'd got a message from my sister that Sosuke talked about the ceiling of the Tatami mat room with her that it looks quite similar to the ceiling of Tatami room in my parents house (which I grew up). My sister said, Sosuke explained which and which pattern is looks alike.
I wonder if the looks-similar ceiling made me remain my teenager memory when I awoke?

I don't remember how the wood patterns looked on the ceiling but I do remember there were some (ordinary) lines between wooden panel and panel.
I painted those lines on my canvas. Later I added a carrot between the lines. I am cutting a carrot. When I cut a carrot I don't know what/where I look at.



tatami and ceiling.jpg


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