May 2005アーカイブ

Candy Froth?

When I was washing my brush at the sink, Jimmie, my neighbour, came out from his studio. He saw pink stained soap foam at the sink (I was painting with red and white paint), and said:
'What a lovely colour! It's like candy floss!'
'What is "candy floss"?'
'Are you painting candy floss?'
'Ah, yes. Something like that... (I was not at all in fact).'
After exchanging such a comme il faut conversation, I looked up the word 'floss' in the dictionary (Note: at this point, Tomoko looked up at 'froth' instead of 'floss').
1. a mass of small bubbles that clears quickly
2. foam; of a horse or a mad dog
3. things or tales of no real value
His question 'are you painting candy floss?' could have been quite relevant...?
The drawing above is candy floss - just to make sure.


Mysterious Voices

There are not many people around at Rijksakademie on Sundays.
I was painting in my studio this morning, when suddenly I heard various voices calling my name repeatedly, 'Tomoko, Tomoko. Tomoko? Tomoooko.' 
There supposed to be nobody around... how spooky. 
Then I opened the door... only to find a group of people who were having a tour of Rijksakademie. You scared me...! 
These wealthy-looking people are talking something, smiling to each other. 
But why were they calling my name again and again? I have no idea.


A Big Batman

A dinner at the gallerist's home.
He has a house along a canal. In the evening, we can see bats flying around his balcony.
It seems that one of the gallerist, Maurice (a Dutch, about two meters tall) is scared of bats. He is making fuss, saying 'I must put this house up for sale!'
The reason why he is so scared, according to him, is because... bats will suck his blood. When I told him that their faces are rather cute, and they do not suck blood unless they are from Amazon, he said:
'Tomoko, are you not scared?! They fly like this, you know!'
And he, a big man of two-meter height, makes a gesture of how they fly, thrashing his arms. 
You look far more scary than bats, I thought, but I kept my silence. 

The other gallerist, Raj, was spraying a detergent over the numerous small bugs flying above the canal... he was only playing.


A View from My Room

As the land is flat, the sky looks wide and open in the Netherlands. 
The clouds move very quickly changing their formations. I can watch them forever.
Today I saw a triangular cloud! 
A crablike cloud is not so unusual, but a triangular one...!



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