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It has suddenly become cold in Amsterdam. Today there was a heavy shower while I was cycling. I got soaked to the skin and was so freezing. I heard that 8000 people came to this year’s OA. Quite a number for just five days. Since the end of OA, I’ve been sleeping so well – about 15 hours a day. Today, I’d like to introduce works by Brody, a crazy gentleman from New York.
02. Brody Condon

A Lamborghini made in cast urethane branches.

A CG character of guru of new age religion, up in the air, blowing fire. He has several upper bodies and several lower bodies.

Some clippings on new religion.

Trial pieces of cast urethane branches for A Lamborghini.

Exhibited like this.


The end of open studio (it is called Open Atliers; hereafter OA) - and this is also the end of this year's programme. We'll start our second year in January next year. Lots of new things happened to me this year; I think I need some time to make them part of myself. What a momentous year.
I am thinking about introducing everyone's presentation in OA during the holidays, as I enjoyed them all. Here is OA report #1. I start with mine!

01. Tomoko Kawachi
On the east side wall.
On the opposite (the west side) wall.
On the south side wall: Drawing #1 'A photo of scissors thrown intro a plastic bag'
Also on the south side wall: Drawing #2 'A brush'
On the south side window: Drawing #3 'Screws'
On the north side floor: 'A book (as a painting)'

Altogether, it was an exhibition 'about (an act of) painting.'

The Open Studio

The open studio has started.
I have not seen all the works yet but there are three more days to look around and enjoy.
Every presentation is impressive. One of the advisors, Lisa Mirloy, a painter, said happily, ‘Such an impressive show does not come by too often.’ The reviews in newspapers are also very positive.
As for my own presentation... I was very anxious because it was an attempt to see what remains as a consequence of ‘breaking-up’ my usual process of making large paintings; but one of the people who saw the final state of my presentation commented ‘I can see from every corner of the room her effort to get deeper into “what painting is.”’ I was a bit sacred when I started... but I am glad that I’ve done this.
Well, I know my words are not enough; I will put up some photos later. I am also thinking about introducing other artists’ works. I'll catch you later.

In My Studio 2

Finally... only one week to go till the beginning of the open studio. In this kind of emergency situation, people seem to get an inspiration out of unexpected things. When I was talking with others at the corridor today, I found out that there are quite a few people who are trying to make one more work from now... funny, it is not just me! I started another painting yesterday (a larger one, in oil... will it be ready?). Well, it is not just me.

The Winter Time

Today is the last day of October and now just three weeks to go till the open studio. People often tell me ‘You must be really busy now’ but as it has been like this since I got here, I don’t know whether or not I am particularly busy now.
Since yesterday, we’re back to the winter time. When we set the clock back an hour behind, my friend said ‘An extra hour! Nice to gain an hour before the open studio!’ Then I thought ‘OK, then... three weeks from now... that means 21 hours extra till the open studio.’ ... NO! That’s not possible. Just an hour today. My brain must be melting... oh no.


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