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A Show for Myself

Rijks has three museum-room-sized ‘Project Rooms’ which you can book for a special project. As we cannot use them very often, we usually use them for a special occasion. In a way, these rooms are for a big moment. At this time of the year, none of them are taken.
So, I booked one of them now, and put all the paintings from last year. This is not an exhibition, but just a show for myself. I work in my studio as usual; from time to time, I visit the project room and see my own paintings. Some said ‘why don’t you use it for something else?’ But no, this is good. I am finally looking at what I have done last year.

A Break


It’s been very cold. The cold wave is not only on Moscow but also on the Eastern Europe. Yesterday I heard the news that 150 people froze to death in Poland. At the same time I heard that Japanese research expedition team in the Antarctic succeeded in obtaining one-million-year-old ice. But who cares for watching ice? I wonder how homeless people and cats are going to cope with this cold. Hope they survive.
Today’s OA report is on a Dutch painter, Wenda Kieskamp. She was my flat mate last year, and my ‘mabu-dachi’ (a true friend). Her family name Kieskamp means ‘woodcutters on the mountainside.’ She is a gentle, hardworking person who loves nature; but she also has a passionate and wild side too. Once when she made a decision to be a painter, she got tattoo on her arm as a mark of her determination. She also loves taking a walk in a strom. She is cool.

Sorry... the photos are not straight.


Today’s OA report is on Narda, whose collaboration with Armen I introduced in OA12. For the presentation of her works, Narda used two rooms: a pink room and a green room. These rooms were connected through the hole on the wall.
13. Narda Alvarado
Top: an image of her presentation
Middle: a detail from a plastic sheet on which Narda’s drawing is printed. She presented drawings of ‘a bad idea version’ in the green room and those of ‘a good idea version’ in the pink room.
Bottom: a video of one-minute loop. The ice cream melts as she takes off her T-shirts one by one.


At Rijksakademie, the presentations by this year’s participants will start tomorrow, while I am still working on OA reports. At the beginning of every year, participants are asked to give presentations of their works. It is, in a way, how we introduce ourselves to each other. They say that to know each other’s works will stimulate communication between the staff and the residents.
I will have my turn next week. Last year, I could not do much but show the slides of my works with simple comments like ‘this is big’ or ‘this is small’... what shall I do this year?

Today’s OA report is on the collaboration of Narda and Armen in one of the project rooms.
12. Projectroom East (Armen Eloyan with Narda Alvarado)

Top and Middle: oils paintings by Armen, and how these were presented
Bottom: Narda’s drawing (straight onto the wall) about Armen’s presentation


We had a drink party with the new resident artists today. It was nice to see again some of the artists whom I met when they were here for the interview (‘Ah! I remember you!’).

Today I’d like to introduce Amaria Pica, an artist from Argentina. I hang around with her only for a few times but she left a very strong impression on me. Her idea is intuitive, and makes me feel ‘hmm, you are bright!’
11. Amaria Pica
Images of super-8. She collected lots of scenes of ship departures (the gestures of waving handkerchief) and ‘cut and mixed’ them together. This gesture appears more and more abstract as it is accumulated. There is also effect of super-8 – a sense of nostalgia it creates.

A work using an early form of telegram (a various combination of tiny holes forms letters of alphabets) and a short text. It says ‘this is the first test telegram message from Iceland. It says “nostalgia” [...].’ Without using any photographs, she creates images by using texts. It is a minimum form of fiction. It is also interesting that what the text says can be taken either as factual or fictional.

An outdoor project – homage to the Kingdom of Bicycles alias the Netherlands? All the bike lamps at Rjiks bike parking blinking – it was like a Christmas illumination.


Today’s OA report is on a Korean artist Jewyo Rhii, whom I have mentioned before. She presented a video and some objects that were the outcome of her project. There were also some drawings and short texts which were also records of her project.
10. Jewyo Rhii
‘Lie on the Han River’: a video projection, 10 min.

It seems to me that Jewyo works on projects in order to avoid constructing something. What she is trying to do in her works is to visualize the evolving story of her project, by coating it with a thin film. That is probably why her works make me feel painfully sad – wistful. And, this is also the reason why she is an entertainer.

She said that she used to make paintings. She also said ‘it is difficult to work on paintings nowadays, Tomoko.’


An artist for OA#9 is André Pielege, whom I have mentioned before. He has been to CCA Kitakyushu as a resident artist -- he is a big fan of Japan. He is also a father of one lovely girl.
He asked me to get some onsen-powder (white one) from Japan, but I forgot. Sorry, André!
09. André Pielege
Each part which consists this huge construction is made of rubber, and its pattern is taken from a front door mattress which you often see in the Netherlands.


My New Year holiday is now over (we take holidays as we like) and I am back in Amsterdam now. It was cold in Japan, but it is also cold here in Amsterdam. Some of the new resident artists are already here and even started working. I feel a new fresh energy in Rijksakademie. As for me, I am trying to settle into my new studio or work on what I could not finish last year... but I am still out of it after the holidays. I wonder why people tell me I look well. Too much food and sleep over the holidays? I remember writing in this diary that I was going to do more OA report during the holidays... so far I’ve done only seven. This is definitely not good.

08. Naro Snackey
Today’s report is on Naro Snacky. Snacky-chan! It’s like a name of a snack.
She is originally a painter. While she was at Rijiks, she carried out a mission to visualize her issue as a painter; that is ‘the impossibility of capturing the image and of focusing.’ This is the result. Wow.

First two works are quite big. The bird one is about 3m in height, the other one is about 2m30.


I am in Nara for a visit. Nara is in the west part of Japan, south of Kyoto, and is surrounded by mountains; you can see mountains from anywhere. There are lots of verses on love and mountains in Manyoushu (The Anthology of Myriad Leaves – one of Japanese classics). In fact most of verses are about love and mountains – probably because they are the scenery of life?
There are no mountains in the Netherlands. Quite naturally, there is no landscape painting of mountains; but instead there are lots of those of cloud. I should stop generalizing things too much... but anyway, these things have reminded me of Yasmijn’s work, and Shuo’s work. I wrote about Yasmijn’s work – with cigarette smoke and a sugar mountain – before; Today, I’d like to introduce video works by Shuo, an artist from China.

07. Shuo Liang
He showed two video works side by side: ‘A Letter to My Wife’ and ‘A Letter to My Lover.’ In each video, he is writing a letter with a brush which was attached to a heavy machine with motor. As this is physically a tough task, he gasps for air.
On the floor, there is an installation of mountain-like objects in a bird’s-eye view. He had mainly worked on sculptures. He said that these days he ended up making a landscape sculpture, even though he tried not to make one. Very interesting comment.
In the other room, he was showing the original letters.


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