A Dangerous Plant

This is already summer here in Amsterdam. An early summer. We can even go for swim in a beach. People are enjoying the sun; they are out of doors all day, sitting, lying down, eating, drinking beer and walking around, to make up for the bad weather of the last few months.

As everyone else, I cannot confine myself in my studio in such weather. I often go for a stroll here and there. The other day, I found on the river bank a plant that looks very similar to shiso (a Japanese herb). ‘Is it a family of shiso? Maybe this is edible?’ I put my face close to this plant to check its scent. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my nose. Half crying, I took a closer look at the leaves. They have very fine prickles on the surface. The pain was so great that I even thought these prickles are poisonous. The pain lasted about 15 minutes. It was such a pain that I thought I might find my nose all red and swollen the next morning. Some plants can be dangerous, if you don’t know anything about them.


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