I just came back from a trip. It’s back to cold again in Amsterdam.

The other day, I went to a stationery shop to buy Post-it; but I could not find anything like the ones we have in Japan. There were only big ones on which you can write things down. There were not small ones that you use just to mark a page. They don’t regard such a function as an enough function? They don’t spend money for such a little thing?

I heard that the design of Post-it became a part of MOMA’s permanent collection. I wonder whether it is a big one, or a small (normal) one we have in Japan? There is a big difference between these, I think.

There aren’t many stationery shops in Amsterdam; and even the ones that are around have fewer items, and they are generally more expensive. Not so much fun to visit them. After the stationery shop, I visited a shop specialized in fountain pens. It was fun. Fountain pens are really cool. I don’t use them though.


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