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Back from (to?) China

China trip was sooooo much fun!

During those ten days in Xiamen and Shanghai, I felt just like I went back to where I am from. Viva Asia! I love Asia!

Our stay in Xiamen was organized by Siggy, one of the advisors at Rijks. We had an exhibition, visited temples and ruins, went to a beach and an island... thanks to Siggy, it was full of events and fun activities. It was perfect.

I thought the sea of Xiamen was similar to Seto Inland Sea – the sea located between Shikoku and the western part of Honshu. The fish was good, and sake, too. As I always do while travelling, I went to a foot massage place, and as always, they were surprised at the amount of scurf from my feet... next time I should go and try to get the massage at the southern hemisphere!

In Shanghai, we visited the Biennale, went to the area with lots of galleries, enjoyed the boat trip, visited some more temples (as I like them)... there again, we fully enjoyed our stay.
The only thing I could think of as what I failed to do is... to have Shanghai crab?
By the way... things are very cheap in China. I was surprised at the price whenever I tried to pay.

Some photos from Xiamen:
From above left: a shot at Karaoke we went on the first night; a shot where people are preparing for the exhibition; Hakka village (a view from above) – there is a restaurant inside an old building.


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