October 2006アーカイブ

At the Canteen

21 days to OA

I was having a dinner at the canteen in Rijks.
Cedvet was talking about gymnastics; he said he loved watching it.
I remembered that when I was a child I, too, loved watching gymnastics in Olympic games.
Cedvet was very good at imitating a gymnast performing on the ring – particularly the way his arms trembles from the strain.
He was also saying that the most beautiful sports in the world is football; Heddy-John said Yoga is good, and Sascha was saying something about chess and then go.

While they were talking about football, my thought remained on gymnastics and the pleasure it brings to the eyes – a kind of primitive pleasure.

On the Street

When I was taking some photos of the benches on the street, I realized there are strange public sculptures in the background. It is a street I pass by every day, but I never really paid attention to these strange objects until now. My eyes ignore the fact that there is such a thing until it is put within a ‘frame’ – I experience this kind of thing quite often.

It is not only about objects, but also about incidents. In spite of the fact that I was involved in the incident, I did not know anything. After reading about that in the newspaper, I finally understood what exactly happened. How feeble our sense of life is...

Accidents also happen in the process of making paintings. It is more like incidents than accidents, and something which cannot be ignored. That’s why there is something in a relationship between paintings and human being... it smells. Somehow I sense that.


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