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I Can’t Remember

After spending some end-of-year stormy days in Amsterdam, I finally came back to Japan.

When I was trying to write something about this year’s OA, I suddenly remembered, ‘Ah, before doing that, I should write about this’, and I started to draw a scene which I had in mind. But when I finished the drawing, I realised that I completely forgot what I was trying to write about.

However hard I look at the drawing, I cannot remember.

I was drawing a scene in which Sookoon (from Singapore) was showing me some photos of her trip to New York and Paris with Vincent. Sookoon was telling me that she organized a group show in New York, and Vincent had a show in Centre Pompidou in Paris.

I will write again when I remember what I was going to write.


Studio Checkout

My stay at Rijks is finishing in two days. In two days time, I have to check out of my studio and leave.
After Open Atliers, there were lots of ‘well done’ and ‘farewell’ parties. It is sad to think that we will not see each other every day from now as we did last two years – this thought fills my heart.

As I have not found a new studio yet, I moved my works temporally to Iwan’s studio.
Now there are lots of things on my ‘must-do’ list: I have to find a new studio for the next year; I have to pack and move out of my apartment; I have to apply for a new visa... etc etc. But in a situation like this, I am still making things in my studio (and probably will continue till the checkout day). I am afraid that I am not making much progress with the ‘must-do’ on my list.

My time at Rijks was special, and it was quite an experience. Rijks is a kind of melting pot; there are various types of artists, and we were all working under the same roof. There are also advisors, each with different experiences and advice, and their advice was valuable and strong as it comes from their own experiences.

I’ll try to keep up with this dairy – maybe some reports from OA or other things....

Shirts: about 36cm × 38cm each


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