July 2008アーカイブ

I saw Rabbit on my way to Rijksakademie


I saw a rabbit at Rijksakademie.
Someone says there is, the otherone says there are two, anyway the truth is the rabbit is Itay,a participent artist of the Rijksakademie,his belongs.
Itay brought him to take photos of him, afterwards he made the rabbit free-range in the garden.
I've never lived with rabbits but the rabbit seems quite fine, he(the rabbit) is just taking his own way to survive in Rijksakademie.
His favorite place to live is quite wired because the garden is facing a big-noisy-street,Sarphatistraat.
Anyway in the early evening he comes and starts non-stop feeding with young leaves at the garden.

Sometimes I buy some foods for him and come to the Rijks to feed him for my secret pleasure.
Suggoku Kawaii--!!


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