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Our Olympics


The Olympic games are running, of course I am watching, in fact I cannot go away. I cannot avoid to watch them if games are running.

when i woke up in the morning, we just ran into the moment of getting gold medal of a Japanese swimmer,Kozuke Kitaima(in Dutch pronounce), and That's the moment for us to get into the watching games everday,everynight.
The worst thing is, we have 24hrs TV program for sports, Euro Sports!
There are just too many games, too many rounds for 1 race!

My husband, Daishin,of course supports Japanese athletes but it is not so often to see them on Europian TV programs, so instead of that, he kills the time with trying to find other athlete's weak point or trying to think about dangerous situation of each games.

I try to imagine about each athlete's private lifes or trying to imagine that 'What's the color of that uniform?'- because or TV is black and white-, something like this for killing time.
Yes, I found one thing, we enjoy so much colors in Olympic games otherwise it is less exciting, it means that we also watch about fighting of colors automatically, do you know what I mean?



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