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October 30th, 2008

It's already in the end of October.

By the way, today I would like to throw my unconfortable feelings up about the name of Haruki Murakami, the world's famous Japanese author, as you know.
OK, lets put them simply, I often have been recomended his works and i have tried to read it as much as possible but i don't think i like his works.

I can say some examples, when i was in the Rijks, when I had a studiovisit with one of advisors.
We had nice conversation. He enthousiasted my approaches and prosesses even he sayd 'Wonderful!' about my works.
However, he said that in the end,"Maybe you like Haruki Murakami don't you?"
That made me surprise, of course. I thought 'Why??' then I said "Well... no, my favorite authors are this and this and this, unforturnately they might have not been transrated, but the story is like this.... "

One day, one of my frind, Jewish artist, came to my studio and she said, "Tomoko! I read very nice book of Haruki Murakami! I've forgotton the title but It's a story about sheeps.
maybe it's new one, anyway I think You will like it! You can find it in Japan, OK? Try it, it's.... just parfect!"
Of course I found the book in japan and read it, the book is 'A Wild Sheep Chase',1982, it wasn't new, in case you didn't know...
Yes, it was nice but i still don't get why she said "i will like it.".

4 years ago, when i just came to Amsterdam, one of my friend, a Japanese artist, let me read Haruki's book 'The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle' .
He lend me the books and I left them for 4 monthes.
4monthes later, I started to get starve to read Japanese books, then i took the books.

Yes, it was very nice and i read through whole books with one night without sleeping.
However, afterwards it made me feel kind of regret, like,'Oh, shit. I did it, I'd been read through whole books without sleeping! no!' However it was very nice....

In add, I have one more story.
My husband, Daishin, he also has some unconfortable feeling after reading Haruki's works.
One day he got an strange offer from a Dutch girl, an artist, that,
"My friend, a photographer, looking for a model for making photos sourced from Haruki Murakami's world. You are the perfect person for her model."

Of course I and Daishin had tryed hard to get the point, which parts of him suits for her idea.
In the end I found that ' maybe because his looking, his kind of dubious looking suits for Haruki's World.'

In our book shelf, we have many Haruki's works even we both don't like them.
Plus I have a guide book of how to read Haruki works, authored by Taturu Uchida, he is well known as a Japanese resercher of Emmanuel Lévinas.
The guidebook was good but still Haruki is not my favorite.

Well.. let say I would like to know what is Haruki work's fascination.
Because that will be something to think about communication with foreigners/unknowns in the world I think.

And, I am also a cat lover. Haruki's world often use cats as a small but familier exists in his world.

I guess my feeling about cats is too strong if I compare to his works.






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