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Two Drawings

26 Nov. 2008

Today Daishin's Open Ateliers has opened.
That's amazing how the time past so fast! I've just remained he's just got in...

When I visited his studio in this year, I saw many paper works on the wall.
He had kept on putting his fresh idea on the paper directly mostly of this year, and it worked to make such a fresh and beautiful paintings in the end of his two years experience.
He doesn't show those paperworks at his open studio but when I open the booklet of open studio, it made by artist's studioview, I remain about two drawings what I saw on the corner, behind of the door of his studio.

When I saw those 2 drawings,
at the first time I thought;

'Which one he made first?'

'maybe brown one. then why he made next one, green one?'

'mm.. brown one, the cyclon has set on the center of the paper, and it has certan distance from him.
Then green one has been a bit blow-up from him. Maybe he had tried one step closer to the cyclon from his position,'

'Then green one's flying leaves and empty space makes me feel about the "time". Also I can go to a bit farther thinking from the drawn subject, like, "Where the leaves go after this?", a bit romantic, but on the other hand, I can see like, "oh,this orange twisted line is beautiful, this is a packeging a moment of some unknown coming-up to him." something like that.

Plus, I tried to choose one for me, but I quit.
Let say, these two are enjoying to have chat each other.

two drawings_image.jpg

It's a part of working, having dreams


last night, I had nightmare and screamed that "STOOOOOOOOOOP IT!!!!!!!!!"
I woke up with my screaming by myself. There was Aloe,my cat, on my breast and Daishin was still sleeping next on me.
In this morning I told Daishin about the nightmare like this,

"I was on a train in the way to somewhere, there are many story on the train but mostly I've forgotton.
Anyway I arrived a traditional and gorgeous type of Japanese house.
I opened the roofing tiled gate and immidiately I was striked on a shocking scenery.
A cat had been smashed with mister's leg at the huge garden!

The mister was looks alike Koushiro Matsumoto(a famouce Kabuki-actor) but his eyes looks alike Takeshi Ukaji(actor) which means frantic face.
The family of him were just looking, he's a stern master and nobody can't say anything what he does.

The cat ran up to the water well of the garden after she had been smashed, and made big noise with paper whissle for kids,'BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!'
And that noise made him angly again, and he kicked the cat again, but the cat ran up to the well to make a noise again... yeah, she was absolutely fighting with the whissle. it was like never end.
I was screaming 'STOOOOOOOOOOP IT!!!!!' without thinking. It was so sad."

On the other hand, I'd noticed that I'm not feeling bad after such a sad dream, let say it made me feel refreshed. and then I said
"Maybe during the nightmare, my brain worked for restoration from sad pendings of real life of me, then the brain showed me that images during working, I feel so."
And then Daishin said,"Oh, how important work to have dreams!"
Yeah, definitely!

an another story about a glove.jpg
an another story of the glove, 2008


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