A hand-over work 2

December, someday 2008

I had released the hand-over work.

In the end I had change my mind. I quit to give them the paper cup work and instead of that I found better one for them. In other words, I noticed that I already had good one for them. I don't know why I had forgotton about the work for such a long time....

That work has made in 2006, which means the year what i got the fellowship.
The work had corabolated with Peggy , I made an installation for making photographs but I am not a photgrapher then I asked Peggy to make photgraphs of the installation.
We discussed which photo is the best, then I choosed one in the end.

That prosess is a part of my works to make paintings at the moment, in 2006.

The bordmember of the fellowship liked it. Yes!
I was relieved because I made a good choise and I made them happy.




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