A hand-over work

December 6th, 2008

Daishin's 2 years residency program is getting over. Of course both we say that "It worked, it was good for us!"

As for me, my 2 years residency program was too ambitious, like '' Why don't you try such a big possibility, try things what I never tried before", Then the time had up. It was mess in the end. I remember that I thought "2 years are too short! I didn't anything get clear." at the moment.

Forturnately Daishin has gotton a place in the Rijks, then luckly I could stay in Amsterdam for 2 more years. For 2 more years I could face to my mess what i made during my 2 years, then now my works still exists. Thanks god.

I had many things had to do for this 2 years, One of them is, making hand-over works.
Suddenly I became the first fellow of a Dutch painter's name caped fellowship 2 years ago. It was good because I could get money for the Rijksakademie.
Afterwards, I got a problematic offer from them that 'making a hand-over work for them as a ploof of our fellowship'. Plus, they wished me to make a hand-over 'painting'.

Oh, that makes me headache, I know that 'fellowship' means giving and taking, when I recieved something from them, I should give something back to them.
Usually I make big paintings and I make small objects as well, but I don't make small paintings, it has never succeeded.

Well, I made it finally.
the hand-over work is not 'paints on canvas', but it made with 'paints on paper and drawings in paper'. A paper cup.
I will bring it to the fellow ship on next monday.

The fellowship made a nomination for the 3rd fellow in this year, I am looking for meeting 2nd fellow, 3rd fellow and theirs hand-over works on coming monday.



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