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Wedding party

24th, January,2009

Now we're gonna have next moving-out on the day after tomorrow, we're somehow busy but we're in London in this weekend because my friend's wedding party held.

Daishin was a bit angury because i put this schedule in the last minute, he said,
'You always make schedules spread too thinly, tighter and tighter in the last minutes!!'
Oh, Daishin, cerebrations are special, cerebrations make me so...

When we arrived to my best friend'Y',she was the bride of last time and she is going to organize this party, she was challenging to her best record for making party meal for 80 persons at her kitchen.
Next of her, another friend 'Y', was trying to make figure of skull-wedding-cake. That figure has made from 8 wholes of sponge cakes.
Y's husband, 'Mr.D' was helping Y, he was in the garden and was making 150 pieces Yakitori.
And another helpers were rorring crazy number of sushi, 100 rolled-sushi and 50 inari-sushi.
Anyway we started to help her, we made deep-fried-chicken from 3.5kg chicken.

Plus, she told me that she's going to draw 'congraturations' by blood letters on the gallery, the place of the party held.
OK, I don't ask you any question, like,'Why the wedding cake is skull?' or 'why you make letter 'congraturations' by blood ?'. because we are old friend...

By the way she'Y' is a beautiful girl for long time but recently her appeal is getting too strong, she's look like trance-sexualed-beauty, tipical one.

Anyway the party was great, i can count this is one of the best-5. Congraturations "Y"(this time's bride's name)-chan!!
By the way, I saw the groom's grand-pa. He is 98 years old and he's still keeping his fresh skin!! also he can firm-walk, he made people laugh by his speech!

He said the tips of long life is eating fishes. If you want to have long life, you can try it. 



17, January,2009

Heavens! One of the biggest cold wave had come to Europe.

According to my friend, canals are freezing for the first time in 8-9years. Of course this is the first time for me to see the freezing canals.
Plus, It had been held the nature-iceskating-competition for the first time in 12 years.
All right, it is cold here but i felt its one of common, but now i know this 2 weeks were especially cold.

My studio building is in the next of Rembrandt Park. There are many people enjoying free-ice skating at the park. It looks so attractive!

Me and Daishin tried to follow them, then we went to buy some ice skating shoes but all shops are sold out, there are no ice skating shoes in a'dam.
Oh, we were wasting time for searching houses and we missed such a special occasion.... now i know everyone was looking forward to skating in nature.

Instead of skating, we walked around on the ice in Rembrabdt Park. It was feeling good but i wanted to skate...

Now most ices are melted down. A'dam is not freezing anymore. There is nothing skater on the ice but some waterfowl.


Moving out



" Now we are moving out the apartment from the Rijks. Thank you for the accomodation for 2 years for me and as for 4years for Tomoko.
We gonna move to my friend's apartment for instance for 1 month, and then we'll start there to search a house in A'dam.
As you know it is difficult to find a house in a'dam, you need to take a time. Normaly it takes 2-3years after putting our name on the 'waiting-list' for the housing. Sounds fearful!

By the way this name is 'bakfiets' what i am riding, bakfiets is still common way for moving stuffs in a'dam. I rented this at rental-bike shop.
After moving our stuffs, we will start searching houses immediately wothout new year cereblation. Bye for now, Daishin."


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