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13th, June, 2009

Finally the sunset had come.
Nowadays we have long long day because the sun stays longer and longer.
I hope sunset has come 8 or 9 o'clock in normal...Did I wirte about this before, i didn't?

I prepared a canvas last week (see photo).
I was stretching hard the prepared with rabbit-skin-grew canvas but some waves stay on the surface.
OK, to be exact, I tried hard to stretching canvas to take the waves off but as you know, prepared with rabbit-skin-grew canvas is too hard to stretch, it didn't succeed and i'd gave up the waves taking off.
And then Daisnin was trying instead of me.

He tried hard but it didn't succeed as well.

Next, we typed google search that ''waves, rabitt skin grew, take off'', then we found just one solution.
Other solutions were about facing treatment for beauty.haha.

They say,
"No worry too much about you get some waves on the surface of the canvas with the first layer.
Try to make second layer with grew, then mostly the waves take off and the surface will be fine."

You see? How simple solution!! I didn't know!!
Of course we worried too much that's why we tried to stretch and stretch with 2 persons.

Obviously I made second layer immediately, i didn't have enough grew anymore, so it was very thin grew almost like hot water, but i made it.

Then...It's miracle!!!
I saw so beautiful prepared surface in the next day in the studio!!! WOW----------!!!!!


Rain coat

11th of June, 2009

I heard the rainy season has began in Japan.
Ahh, that sounds annoying, yes, here Holland also rainy days are annoying.

But If you talk to someone about this 'annoy' in here Holland, you may get reply like this,' Oh, do you scare to get wet with rain? '
AHH that's also annoying, I didn't say it scare, I said it's annoying, but like this person doesn't listen to me anyway.

Yesterday here Holland was raining from the morning.
I wore my rain coat to get the studio.
This rain coat, I bought 2 years ago in Berlin, was implus buying because I totally stucked with everyday-raining in Amsterdam.
I did't like to get studio every day with bicyble in the rain. My friends call this coat 'Funky Coat' because this looks funky.

But because of this implus buying, we missed a train to get back to Amsterdam, it was the last train to get back to Amsterdam on the day.

At the same time we rushed onto the platform, the train started to move slowly.
Daishin ran to follow the train with screaming ''WAIT!!WAIT!!WAIT!!!!!!!'' .
I was indiscreet enough to loughing and following him.

And then the train had left.
Daishin had been so disappointed, I've never seen him with like the facial expression.

BUT, a looks-like-bussinessman, who has kindly face and maybe who had seen these two stooges, had come and told us that,
''You missed the train to Amsterdam? Haha, I have had,too but it's all right, you can just get next train to Hannover. The next train is faster than the one you missed. It will pass the train in front and you can wait your train at Hannover. ''

Oh, thanks god!!!
Daishin's do-or-die performance drew a luck! You are the boy!!



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