a runaway girl

4th July 2009

Aloe has backed.
She is an indoor cat and this is 4th ranaway of her. Twice in our previous house in Amsterdam and twice in here Utrecht.

When I say ranaway, which means that she's just cannot come back to the house by herself because she's stacked somewhere. In case of that I try to find her a whole day long, of course without going to the studio.

In Holland's city center, buildings and buildings are totally connecting each other, like you can see a photo.
For example, If Aloe goes out from our window, and she walk through troughs and roofs, and she enters to a neibough's house from theirs windows, then the neibough close the window without knowing a cat is indoor.

Also possible that, a tree reaches to the roofs from someone's backgarden. She climbs the tree down and she is waiting there because she cannot climb it up.
Our rooms is a street side and we cannot to see any neibough's back garden from our room.

So, she is an indoor cat however she can get stacked in every nook and cranny.

After a couple of hours, she starts to try to get back to the house but all cats have theirs own way, so it becomes not so simple, like, 'She is trying to get back, I am trying to find her, so we can see each other soonest'.
Anyway, mostly it solves in a whole day long.

When I find her somewhere, I ask to enter the house of nearest from her to take her out.
Luckly, my neiboughs, what I have ever asked to enter, are all kind and nice persons.
They are not only willing to make enter such strengers even in midnight, but also they say ''You are welcome, you can come to have a cup of tea for next time'' !! Oh..thanks..

Well, That's great again to find her today ..Yokatta!


Aloe and Dom Tower


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