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Recent Daishin's luck

16th of August, 2009

Recent Daishin is lucky!

Yesterday, he found a good-condition-washing-machine on the street.
It's just for us because we're going to move to new house in Amsterdam tomorrow and the house is still empty.

When we'd worked for refurbish the house, Daishin had found someone who had put the looks-new-washing-machine on the street. Then he screamed that

"Oh my gosh, Tomoko!! A washing machine is on the street!! "
Then we flyed off there and asked to someone that,
"Does it still work? May I take it?"

Then the someone said,
"Yes it does, you can take it"
The person had gave us his hands to bring the machine, Thank you!
We had tried to run the machine and it had no problem.

A day before the day, Daishin has found 10euro on the street.
At the moment, our mood was very bad because we had fight whole day long from a trivial issue, we were walking to home.

Suddenly Daishin screamed "AHHHHHH!!" and pointed on the street.
There is folded10 euro bill.
Immidiately I sayd,
"Take it! " then he picked it up. Both we became happy and our whole-day-argument has ended up. It's so cheap..

Next he expects and has kept open his eyes to find a refrigerator on the street.
Instead of that, he brought a full-length mirror to the house.
Well..OK, it's not bad Daishin, I can use this for making nicer my appearance...

Go for it Daishin! I wish you'll get a whole house in the end!

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Scary walkway

7th of August, 2009

Heating! In this week, I'm standing in holland's heating..

My cat, Aloe, enjoys to take a walk in the morining and the evening to avoid this heating.
Recently she doesn't get stacked like before, she gets back home by herself. Good girl!

Her walkway is on a gutter on the roof.
As you know holland has a lot of raining, plus, our house is leaning. so water stays in our gutter regularly.
When the water is in our gutter, my cat walks the edge of the gutter to avoid water.
Which means she walks thorugh on 5cm width and 2nd floor height walkway.
That scenery makes me feel getting a penis panic, of course i don't have one but i just feel it.

It's too scary to see her but I try to see her when she walks through 5cm walkway.
Then sometimes she's sliped her step without concentration!!!

AHHHH!!! I feel getting penis panic!! of course i don't have one but...




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