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Spirited Away

28th Sep. 2009

We were in Japan in the begining of September for 10days holiday. It was very nice and we felt compretely charged.

After we backed to Amsterdam, many good-and-bad news were weiting me. Ok, I'm in my climacteric year, plus, not good at foreign living, makes no easy days...

Anyway, more importantly, the recent biggest news what I heard is, the death of the author of 'KUREYON-SHIN-CHAN'.

Because of that news, I remembered how I made a painting 'Red and Yellow' in last year.

The painting is about an encounter of red-laundry-pinch(clip) and yellow-boxing-glove.
And the first trigger came from the watching 'KUREYON-SHIN-CHAN' on YouTube.

I already have forgotton what I was watching first, but anyway I reached to KUREYON-SHIN-CHAN's page on YouTube.
I had not wanted to see so much but I choosed and opened a story about painting a doggy house.
Maybe because I was looking for some ideas for a new peinting at the moment.

After open it, Shin-chan and his father was painting a doggy house in theirs garden.

father is good at painting and he wants to show how-to-do for Shin-chan, but Shin-chan is in another world..anyway Shin-chan's turn to paint had come.

Shin-chan is not bad at painting and the father praise him, and an accident came to Shin-chan.
Shin-chan slipped his paint brush and it flew and made splash to his mother, his mother's laundries in the same garden. The laundries are laxary underwares.
And then Shin-chan has gotton scorched from Misae..

This scene, Shin-chan accidentaly slipped his paint-brush and it flew and made splash to laundry, laxury underwares, made me feel something, and I made drawings of it. But I didn't work for painting soon, I'd just left them.

On the other day, when I was biking, a photo of laundry pinch(clip) from Japanese-living-magazin, rang a bell as an answer. Then I started to make a painting.

In the end, I made an image of yellow-boxing-glove on top of it. It's about my experience in Holland, I painted it directly on canvas with uncontrolled.

This is what I remembered, how I made a painting,'red-and-yellow'.
I am happy to find this out. Yokatta.

And I pray for the auther of 'KUREYON-SHIN-CHAN'.



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