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18th January, 2010

Today was Sanghee's opening at Witzenhauzen gallery in Amsterdam,

in this freezing day. wheather were bad and digrees are minus whole day long.

When I was ready to go to the opening (I was in my studio), I got an awful phonecall from an energy company.

A woman said,

"Your electricity meter and gas meter have been broken at 4 o'clock in this afternoon. They don't work anymore. We have to replace the meters tomorrow morning. Are you in your house tomorrow morning?"

I answered,

"??? 4 o'clock?...Yes, I will be in my house tomorrow morning. But...meters broken...how do you know that because meters are all inside of my house...Well, By the way, is that possible to use electricity and gas tonight in my house? As you know today's freezing day.."

Woman: "No, it's not. You can't use electricity and gas tonight. That's why I am calling you to make an appointment tomorrow morning. Do you understand?"

I: "No way!... how can I live there without heatings?"

W: "I don't know. now we are working hard to recover them as soon as possible."

I :(still feeling unclear what's the problem, but) OK..anyway you say I cannot use my heatings tonight.

W: "No, you cannot."

Ouch! My goodness!!How's Aloe(my cat) doing now in such a cold house..she must be freezing..

Anyway I have to go to the Opening first.
In the way to the opening, I bought 3 torches(me, daishin and Go Eun's) just for making feel easier.

The exhibition was good, qualities are seriously high but also somehow comical. good exhibition.
Sweet Sabghee invited me and Daishin to join to pizzeria after opening but I was too worring about the house, so, I asked to Daishin joined and I skipped.

After I arriveed the house, I realized that that is not too cold in the house yet.
I started checking the house in turn and turn with torch light, like,

"Good, Torch makes enough lightness, you see? Air is still warm... a gas stove is still working... What? still working??"
Next, I went to the kitchen to check the boiler and that worked, too.
Next, I turned-on lights in the house one by one, and I realized they all worked. too.


Well.. I was very glad to know all powers came, but...what about the phonecall? Did anyone already come and fixed? What about my Pizza? What about my new 3 torches? What about...What about...

All I could say was just "STRANGE".


When the time comes

12th, Jan, 2009


I bought this 'Winnie-the-Pooh' revolving card when I walked around the city.
This is revolving, so you can enjoy 2-way pictures with moving the handle.

This card looked completely forgotton at the corner of the toy shop when I found it, the card packed with old-dusty plastic, but the inside still looked OK, then I bought it.
I like this type of Pooh(we call 'classic pooh') more than Disney's, so I enjoyed it.

When I was looking this card, I reminded one thing about Ansuya. She visited my studio, and I was talking about my work prosess to her.

she said,
'You're sounds like Winnie-the-Pooh, have you ever read it?'

i said

'Maybe it is nice to read it, Pooh also said same things with you.'


She wrote it down on a paper what I said , and gave it to me.(she's so sweet, isn't she?)

The paper has been lost already, and I still haven't read 'Winnie-the-Pooh' neither.

One thing I still remember is, she wrote down that, 'I make it when the time comes.'
I made that work because the time had come.

So now, I have already sent this card to Russia, to Marusya. she has a baby.
I'm OK without this card because Daishin gave me a book of 'Winnie-the-Pooh' at Christmas day! hihi...


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