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27th of June, 2010

Ahhh.. I can't take my eyes off from the World Cup Football matches....It's too fascinating.

Today I saw the games of Germany vs. England, and Argentina vs. Mexico at the neighbor public viewing.
Both winners apparently strong team but both games had mis-judgments about goals, it was sorry. Mick Jaguar looked so sad on his seat of the stadium..

At the Germany vs. England game, I saw familiar face of Goos Hiddink on TV, he was a commentator of the game.
At the harf-time of the game, he commented something about the uncounted-scored goal what Lampard made. (I had curiosity to listen to him but it was Dutch.)


The public viewing in our neighbor, what we often visit, has been made by Touhuistuin.


Tolhuistuin is a culture project in Amsterdam-Noord, and they organize many events in every weekends of this summer.
They made a larger stage for the events in the main garden, locates on the center of theirs space.
The public viewing locates edge of theirs space. Let say, the public viewing looks like sort of 'bonus' for locals, and I like it.

We have visited Tolhuistuin only for the 'bonus' so far...Yeah, we should also visit for main events after the bonus over.

Where shall we watch the game tomorrow?

23rd June, 2010

In this morning, we were talking about where shall we watch the game, Japan against Denmark tomorrow.
And then, we realized that Holland's game also will take place at the same time.
Oh god!! The places what we used to go to watch the games, will show Holland's game tomorrow for sure..

I asked to some people who works in some cafes about "Which country's game will you show tomorrow?" and they laughed and said,
"Of course Holland! Here is Holland, you know."
Yes, yes, I know, I asked you just for in case...

BUT, Daishin had found a place to watch the JP game tomorrow. it's in Zeedijk, at a Sake-bar!
That's make sense they shows JP game in Holland but I had never imagined this option because it makes me feel kind of... escaping. Like, escaping to extraterritorial sanctuary of the culture.

We went to Zeedijk to buy rices, and we used this opportunity to spy the Sake-bar for tomorrow. Hum, it looks...not really nice, but OK. Anyway, we have to come here to watch the game tomorrow.


With the sound of Vuvuzela...

19th June, 2010

After the match of Japanese national team against Holland national team, we'd backed to the house with Vuvuzela-sound what neighbor-kids makes to us....

Sigh, how difficult to win!!

BUT, Today's MVP in my mind is Okubo.
His dribbling-steps was fascinated with. was colorful!!!


Today is...

19th July, 2010

Today Japanese national team againsts Holland! Exciting!

Daishin is ready for watching! GANBARE NIPPON----------!!!




Watch, Watch, Watch

18th June, 2010

Tomorrow is the most important match for Japanese national team.. against Holland national team!!

Last time, when the Japanese national team won to Cameroon national team, I received e-mail from a Dutch friend that,
"Honda is a good player but I hope you still like Dutch after 4-1 loss on Saturday!"
.... Oh, wow, but I was a little bit honor to receive this e-mail from a Dutch who has such a strong national team. Which means Japanese national team is getting better.
At the same time, I wondered how it comes like that, like, he has confused me with national team playing and theirs national itself...was a bit annoying matter about national matches.

I wrote him back that "I expect 0-0 on Saturday."
Of course I started to regret it soon after I wrote because I know how difficult Japanese national team makes 0-0 draw when they against Holland national team. And I sent.

Then I went and watched the matches to cafes every day in this week.

One of most remarkable matches in this week was, Argentina national team against South Korea national team.
Recently I watched a movie 'Maradona by Kustrica' directed by Emile Kustrica, So, I couldn't stop to be glad about Maradona became a coach of his national team.
I guess they have one of strongest possibility to be the champion of this world cup.

By the way, when we watched 'Maradona by Kustrica', Daishin had found Maradona also wears his watches on his right arm and left arm at the same time.

I said ' Maradona also' because I'd read a Japanese article on MSN-Japan website what wrote about how Honda is special player for today's Japan.
And the article says,

'(He's not only good player but he has also strong attitude in his over-sea life, bra bra bra... and,) Honda's fashion style is also very unique, for example, he wears his watches on his right arm and left arm at the same time...'

For sure that that because Honda respects Maradona. Japanese football articles often crappy..

I hope Honda continues play well wherever in future, and also hope him glows attractively as a man like Maradona (not only two watches things) with his experiences to play over-sea teams.
Hope not to be like today's Nakata!

Ahh, I have to stop my complaining, I have to go watch the next match...


By the way, nowadays Aloe tries hard to get into my toilet.

World Football Matchs!!

14th June, 2010

wooooooooooooow!! The world football matches is going on!!

We have no TV in our house but we have open-air TV for the World football matches (There are 2 TVs and about 30 chairs in a tent.) in our neighbor, so we can watch the matches there!

Anyway, we have an important match today vs, Cameroon..

I think Japan national team will win!

Ah, Dutch national team also will play well today I think!



These photos were took in Japan a week before last week, at my home in Chiba.

She's taking sunbath and was served Mango by mom.
She ward a fleece jacket because when you wear fleece jacket under the sun, it makes you feel like you're taking a sand-bath. It feels so good, I recommend it!


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